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Client case study: osteopathic treatment for knee pain

Problem the client came in for: A client came in for severe tightness through the muscles in the front of the thigh (quadriceps) and knee cap compression, causing pain while walking and exercising. 

Treatment plan provided: We decided to employ a combination of the different services that we offer to treat this patient for the best possible outcome. We used medical acupuncture on the quadriceps to loosen the tightness through trigger points, as well as soft tissue massage to quadriceps and mobilisations through the knee and kneecap. In addition to this, we devised a tailored strengthening program for the client to work on building strength in the area.

Treatment outcome: This patient had 4 sessions and was back to training after the second session, and was able to put moderate force through the area. This has been increasing week by week.How to avoid this injury: To avoid this injury you need to ensure the quadriceps are strong in order to avoid any compression through the kneecap. Knees don’t like drastic change in activity levels or intensity so being sensible about a gradual increase in activity is the best way to prevent this.

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