Medical Acupuncture

The use of fine acupuncture needles to reduce muscle spasm, accelerate tissue repair and provide natural pain relief.


Medical acupuncture (also known as dry needling) is a type of acupuncture which uses needles to relax muscle tissues and to help them to release.

It differs from traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture in that it is not used to stimulate meridians or channels of energy. Instead it is used directly within a tight band of a muscle or muscle knot. The needle stimulates the muscle, which relaxes, reducing pain and providing relief.

We use medical acupuncture in conjunction with osteopathy to achieve the best results from your treatments. It is a very popular addition to treatments and it is widely used by health care practitioners.

The decision to offer you acupuncture is based on the assessment of your conditions, then with your consent acupuncture might be used. Some patients explicitly request acupuncture when they have found it very effective in the past.

Medical acupuncture lower back Tunbridge Wells
Medical acupuncture treatment


We recommend that medical acupuncture isn’t performed on anyone below the age of 13

An average initial consultation & treatment will last between 30-45 minutes. Any follow-up treatments will last between 20-30 minutes.

Acupuncture can be uncomfortable on occasion when working on painful or tender areas. However your therapist will work with you to determine your pain tolerance. If the pain is too much, we will adjust as necessary. 

A full assessment will be taken by your therapist before you start treatment. This may require further imaging to confirm a diagnosis. On average, patients attend 4-6 sessions, however, this may need to be reviewed 8-10 weeks post-treatment to ensure long-lasting results

Although there may be some immediate pain relief, it is important to remember that this does not mean the injury or condition is fully healed. Medical Acupuncture works best as part of a rehabilitation and treatment plan which may include other exercises or changes to help manage your condition. It is important to review progress regularly with your physician to ensure long-term results.

You may experience a slight reddening or swelling of the affected area post-treatment, however, for most people, this is accompanied by a reduction in pain.

Your initial consultation & treatment is £75, any follow ups are £60