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Our practitioners are highly qualified and are required to carry out regular continued professional development to ensure the best results with their patients. All are fully regulated by their relevant governing bodies and fully insured. 

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All our practitioners are highly trained individuals, achieving the highest standard in their relevant disciplines.


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Osteopath Tunbridge Wells

Angus Gould | M.Ost, bsc, Ahp

Angus grew up in East Sussex where both he and his family saw an osteopath regularly from a young age. After leaving school he explored different career options, deciding to expand his knowledge in health sciences. Four years later Angus graduated from Swansea University obtaining a first class masters degree in Osteopathy.

During his degree, he developed special interests in chronic pain disorders and advanced neurology. This inspired him to perform his own research project combining osteopathy and mindfulness to see if this would provide an added benefit for patients suffering with these conditions, the results of which he is aiming to have published in a medical journal.

Angus is primarily a structural osteopath meaning he uses a variety of different techniques that focus on the body’s frame work and connective tissue. These aim to improve the mobility and stability of joints, reduce the likelihood of muscle spasm, as well as improving circulation and lymphatic drainage to the target tissues.

The type of techniques you can expect Angus to use are; joint manipulation and articulation, neuromuscular technique, muscle energy technique, myofascial release, joint harmonics, deep soft tissue techniques and exercise prescription.

Previously to being an osteopath Angus also trained as a fitness instructor, which he feels adds an element of rehabilitation to his practice to help achieve sustainable results.

Additionally to Osteopathy, Angus enjoys keeping fit, attending the gym regularly focusing on resistance training. As well as this, golf is a keen interest, with Angus hoping to undergo his Titelist Approved Specialist qualification in the next year.

Qualifications & Accreditations

M.Ost (Master of Osteopathy) - Swansea University

Angus graduated from Swansea University with a First Class Masters Degree in Osteopathy after 4 years full time study. During his time at Swansea he worked in both the NHS as a part of the musculoskeletal care and assessment service within the AMBU health board; as well as a private clinic based within the university.

GOsC Registered

Angus is fully regulated by the General Osteopathic Council, which ensures high standards and patient safety in Osteopathic practice.

Fully Insured & Member of the Institute of Osteopathy

Angus is fully insured and a member of the Institute of Osteopathy. This board is responsible for ensuring the highest standard of clinical practice.

Medical Acupuncture (Dry Needling) Certificate​

This CPD course taught safe and effective use of dry needling in a clinical environment. Since undertaking this course, Angus has found it to be truly beneficial in practice, giving another modality to utilise in patient recovery.

Lever 3 Diploma (Sports & Exercise Science - Kent College)

This institution I developed Angus' interest in manual therapy practices and he began to learn the fundamental knowledge in human anatomy and physiology. As well as achieving a double distinction star in his BTEC, he was chosen to enrol in a complementary fitness instructor course.

Lever 2 Fitness Instructor - Kent College​

During Angus' time studying sports and exercise science, he developed a keen interest in fitness and decided to undertake a fitness instructor course. This gives him the ability to create tailored exercise and rehabilitation programmes for individuals as well as giving them nutritional and wellbeing advice.

Erin Warnett | Sports Massage Therapist

Erin got into the health and fitness industry then she fell in love with how training and nutrition can not only change your body but also boost your confidence and improve your mental health.

Following being an established personal trainer, Erin decided to take on a new challenge of being a Sports Massage Therapist. 

Erin uses a wide variety of techniques to help you recover from injuries, reduce muscular tension and improve your performance. Whether you’re a professional athlete, weekend warrior or just someone who enjoys staying active sports massage is the treatment for you. 


Qualifications & Accreditations

Level 4 Nutrition Qualification

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