Personal Training

Regularly scheduled guided exercise to achieve all your health and fitness goals.


TWPT is a dedicated personal training gym in the heart of Tunbridge Wells. Providing the full attention and guidance of a personal trainer every time you work out. Prices start from £50 per session.

We are the best at what we do.

TWPT was founded in 2012 as a private personal training facility. The vision is to provide clients with an exclusive and person-centric feel to training to achieve their health and fitness goals.

In April 2021 TWPT opened a second personal training gym in Tunbridge Wells. With extra space, more equipment, and amazing trainers, we can continue to provide an exclusive and effective training experience.


Our new Goods Station Road studio that opened April 2021. Our trainers here have a passion for resistance training and have a track record of achieving great results for their clients. If you’re looking to lose weight, improve the way you look, get stronger or get training after an injury, our team at goods station road will be able to help.

The studio benefits of having an on-site osteopath who works alongside TWPT to provide support for our clients with lower back pain.


Our Mount Pleasant studio benefits from being placed right next to the Tunbridge Wells train station. Our dynamic team here specialise in improving general fitness, weight loss, lower back pain and resistance training.

If you like variety in your training or are looking to get fit and lose weight, this is the gym for you.

TWPT is a friendly and inclusive dedicated personal training gym located in the heart of Tunbridge Wells, specialising in bespoke one-to-one workouts. Our unique approach sets you up for success, optimising results and guaranteeing goals are smashed! Get in touch with us today to let us help you kickstart your fitness journey