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Client Case Study: Chronic Achilles Tendon Pain

Problem the client came in for: The client came in for chronic Achilles tendon pain that prevented them from putting weight through their heel. This is extremely debilitating, as not only is it very painful, but it meant that the client was unable to walk or move properly. 

Treatment plan provided: After the initial consultation session, we created a bespoke treatment plan for the client that included 4 sessions of shockwave therapy on a weekly basis followed by a review 1 month following this, alongside a strength and conditioning program for the calf. 

Treatment outcome: We are happy to report that the client made recovery and has just completed a half marathon completely pain-free.How to avoid this injury: If you take part in a repetitive sport like running, be sure to strengthen your calves and Achilles as you increase your exercises. Prevention is always better than the cure.

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