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Client case study: Acute tennis elbow

Problem client came in for: The client came in with acute tennis elbow. 

Treatment plan provided: After our initial consultation session we created a tailor made treatment plan to treat the client’s tennis elbow and work on preventing future occurrences of the injury. We decided to do 6 sessions of shockwave therapy, with a 2 month phone review. We also worked on strengthening work to the forearm, elbow and wrist. 

Treatment outcome: The client has made full recovery, and is no longer in pain.How to avoid this injury: Unfortunately, tennis elbow and inflammation in the forearm and elbow region is all too common with desk jobs where you are typing for prolonged periods of time and staying in the same position without moving your arms too much. To avoid this injury, regularly stretch your forearms if you are desk based or do lots of writing. Avoid staying in a static arm position for too long.

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