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Client case study: acute neck pain and severe rotation restriction

Problem the client came in for:  This client came in for spasms of the trapezius muscle as well as an aggravated facet joint at the C7/8 level.

Treatment plan provided: We decided to opt for a combination of the services we officer, including medical acupuncture to the trapezius, deep soft tissue massage to the neck musculature, mobilisations through rotation of the neck and adjustments to the facet joint, alongside a stretch and mobility routine.

Treatment outcome: This patient has had 5 sessions initially focusing on pain reduction. Once their pain had reduced enough for us to consider deepening treatment, we moved on to a more multifactorial approach taking into account lifestyle and environmental stress which may have exacerbated this issue. The patient has been recovering, and has been experiencing a significant reduction in their muscle spasms. How to avoid this injury: The best way to prevent this is to focus on stress management and guided mindfulness to see if you can get a better sense of when your body isn’t feeling right. We often think these acute spasms come out of nowhere but often we just aren’t able to identify their warning signs.

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