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Client case study: Knee Osteoarthritis and Baker’s Cyst

Patient Name: Margaret H.
Age: 65
Occupation: Retired 

Medical History: History of osteoarthritis in the knee, recent onset of posterior knee pain and swelling. 

Margaret presented with persistent posterior knee pain and swelling. She described discomfort and a feeling of tightness behind her knee, especially during prolonged periods of standing or walking. Imaging revealed the presence of a Baker’s cyst, which contributed to her symptoms. 

Clinical examination and imaging confirmed the diagnosis of a Baker’s cyst, a fluid-filled swelling behind the knee commonly associated with underlying knee conditions, such as osteoarthritis. 

A targeted treatment plan was devised to address Margaret’s posterior knee pain and reduce the symptoms associated with the Baker’s cyst: 

Osteopathy Sessions (Initial Visit and Follow-ups):

  • Initial assessment revealed muscle tension, restricted knee movement,
    and swelling related to the Baker’s cyst. 
    Osteopathic treatment focused on releasing muscle tension, improving
    joint mobility, and facilitating drainage of the cyst.

First Osteopathy Session (Day 1):

  • After the initial osteopathy session, Margaret reported a noticeable
    reduction in posterior knee pain and improved comfort during movement. 
    The osteopath provided specific exercises and advice on posture to
    support ongoing improvement.

Treatment Outcomes:

Follow-up Osteopathy Sessions (Days 3 and 7):

  • Over the course of three sessions conducted within the first week, Margaret experienced a significant decrease in pain and swelling.
    Osteopathic treatment addressed residual muscle tension, facilitated drainage of the Baker’s cyst, and ensured improved knee mobility. 


After completing three osteopathy sessions, Margaret reported a substantial reduction in posterior knee pain, and the swelling associated with the Baker’s cyst had significantly diminished. She was able to engage in daily activities with greater ease and comfort. The osteopath provided guidance on self-care practices, including exercises to maintain joint mobility and minimize the risk of cyst recurrence.

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