Pregnancy Massage


Pregnancy massage, tailored for expectant mothers, offers a holistic approach to alleviate discomfort and promote overall well-being during this transformative time. This specialized massage therapy employs gentle techniques designed to relieve common pregnancy-related discomforts such as backaches, joint pain, and swelling.

Benefiting both the body and mind, pregnancy massage aids in reducing stress and anxiety levels, fostering emotional balance throughout pregnancy. Moreover, it enhances sleep quality, addressing the challenges of restlessness during this period. Beyond its physical effects, this form of massage promotes a deeper connection between the mother and the developing baby.

Experience the soothing and supportive effects of pregnancy massage, designed to nurture both the expectant mother and the growing child. Find relief from the strains of pregnancy and embrace a serene and comforting experience


All of our massage therapists hold at least a Level 4 qualification in Massage Therapy and are fully insured to ensure your safety.

Some of our therapists also hold additional qualifications in personal training so you can ensure they can provide a great service from start to finish.

Erin: Our Massage Therapist

We are thrilled to welcome a new member to the AG Osteopathy & Sports clinic team; Erin. Erin got into the health and fitness industry when she fell in love with how training and nutrition can not only change your body but also boost your confidence and improve your mental health.

Already an established and reputable personal trainer, Erin decided to tackle the challenge of becoming a Massage Therapist. She now excels in both fields, and we are lucky to have her join our practice.

Erin uses a wide variety of techniques to help you recover from injuries, reduce muscular tension and improve your overall performance. Tackling the entire body and helping to relieve any built up strain and tension, a sports massage is the ideal way to boost your recovery.

Erin is a Level 4 massage therapist, Level 4 nutritionist and a Level 3 personal trainer, making her the perfect addition to our team.

If you are interested in booking a pregnancy massage to deal with pregnancy  related injuries and issues, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We offer a thorough consultation and bespoke treatment plan targeted at treating your unique situation.